Wemu for Cafes

Aesthetic can only work its magic on cafe-goers if the ambience feels organized and intentional. Striking this balance can be difficult when you’re managing front & back of house while trying to sustain business operations. Wemu can free up you and your team to better focus on flow, service and product quality.

Point of Sales

Wemu’s POS system is intuitive for cafes and bakeries alike. In navigating through our platform to explore food and drink options, filter for allergies and make fast & secure purchases, guests will become regular customers. You will be able to analyze profit trends from the comfort of your home through easy-to-interpret graphic representations of your sales data and adjust your business operations accordingly.

Products and Inventory

With Wemu’s approach to inventory, you can seamlessly integrate supply tracking into your daily operations from the comfort of your tablet. Let us help you identify trends and calculate sales profits across different categories so that you can stay on top of ordering and make smarter decisions for your business.


Do you have a vision for your cafe that extends its reach beyond the bounds of your neighborhood? Wemu helps you supplement your in-house profits with online sales. Our client-facing Discovery App allows you to connect with customers near and far over a personal supply of your cafe’s best-selling coffee blend, a funky mug or a super-soft t-shirt displaying your cafe’s logo.