Gives you a birds eye view of your business, so you know how your business is performing
Data insights at a glance.
Real-time Sync
Less paper, less hassle. Easily email digital receipts to customers upon check out.
Sales and Expenses
Tracking the stock levels of products is difficult, especially if there are multiple components. Link your sales, products and inventory and receive alerts when levels run low.
Stock Value
Make checkout even smoother. The QR scanner does all the work for you instead of searching through a large product list.

See where your hard work is paying off

Get an overview of your daily revenue and gross sales in a single place. See how many new customers you’ve gained and what they’re buying

Stay on top of business performance

Get an overview of your cash flow for the day, week, or month in a single view

Gain insights into your business

Identify your top-selling and trending items and orders so you can replicate their success
Join thousands of companies that trust Wemu to run their day to day operations.
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