Wemu for Gym Studios

With health and fitness information saturating our planet’s collective knowledge, there’s never been a better time to own a gym. Wemu’s set of unique components will allow you to stay on top of this movement and your business by anticipating your needs and providing you with the necessary tools to thrive.


Be gone, scheduling conflicts! With Wemu’s reservation features, you and your staff can easily schedule classes with members and set automated reminders to assure punctuality. Through our app, members will be able to check both the schedule and instructor details of their desired classes and reserve a spot from any mobile device through our Discovery App.

Customer Management

Keeping members connected to your gym is simple with Wemu. We encourage community building through features that allow members to reserve a spot in classes that they see their friends—or crushes—have already signed up for. Build morale with personalized attendance & progress history and encourage members to share their accomplishments, all through the app.


Has chasing gym members for payments got you down? Wemu’s automated billing system will make sure you’re always paid on time. Members can keep track of their respective billing cycles and pay from the comfort of their smartphone with a few simple clicks.