Know what your day, week or months ahead look like.

Key Features

Customer Profile

Less paper, less hassle. Easily email digital receipts to customers upon check out.

Activity Statement

Tracking the stock levels of products is difficult, especially if there are multiple components. Link your sales, products and inventory and receive alerts when levels run low.

QR Scanner

Make checkout even smoother. The QR scanner does all the work for you instead of searching through a large product list.

User-friendly design

They say adapt or die. Small business owners have to adapt to the impact COVID-19 has had on how we do business. A positive result is the push for digital innovation and for businesses to go cashless. So if you want to survive in this ‘new normal’, you better make sure you adapt, go cashless and survive.

Use it on to go!

Wemu’s Point of Sales payment software enables user-friendly, smooth and secure transactions for you and your customers (click here to see Stripe’s growing list of participating countries). Take advantage of our QR Code feature to make quick, easy and contactless payments through our online Marketplace.