Wemu for Shops

With the exponential worldwide growth of eCommerce over the past decade, let Wemu assist you in harnessing that potential through the use of our vital components to help you manage both the front & back ends of your virtual marketplace.

Discovery App

Looking for a virtual marketplace that your customers will love? Wemu’s client-facing Discovery App was designed specifically around user experience. We use top-notch navigation, layout, visuals and push notifications to create a space that customers will return to out of both comfort and inspiration. Customize your marketplace with our diverse set of design options—no experience necessary!


Skip the growing pains—inventory management doesn’t need to hinder your business’s prosperity. Boost customer loyalty with our system that meticulously tracks your supplies in real-time so that the right order is sent to the right customer, on time, every time.

Point of Sales

Has overselling due to lags in inventory updates lost you customers? Good news—purchases made through our POS system are immediately updated in your inventory. Better yet, Wemu’s payment software, Stripe, ensures simple, smooth and secure transactions. With Wemu, your customers, and their payment information, are in good hands.