Join thousands of business owners that trust Wemu to run their day to day operations.
We believe small business owners are some of the most courageous and busy people out there. They are the backbone of our economies.

Start selling online or in-store

Wemu’s Point of Sales payment software enables user-friendly, smooth and secure transactions for you and your customers (click here to see Stripe’s growing list of participating countries). Take advantage of our QR Code feature to make quick, easy and contactless payments through our online Marketplace.

Inventory Management

Wemu is designed to help you manage your stock quickly and easily. Plus, with automated backup and e-commerce modules, you can start selling your products online in no time at all.

Team and Task Management

Create daily, weekly, and monthly routines and assign them to your staff. Collaborate to achieve your goals, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Centralized Branch Management

Manage multiple branches and locations through one centralized system. Assign staff, create schedules, and manage product and service offers for each branch.
Join thousands of companies that trust Wemu to run their day to day operations.
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