Employee Management
Manage staffing levels, working time, wages, and overtime. User-defined access to the mobile app will keep your team aligned to a shared objective.
Simple, yet powerful features.
Time and Attendance
Staff and appointment scheduling adjustable by managers and staff.
Flexible Scheduling
Viewable on mobile app or browser, and assigned to team members automatically.
Payroll and Commissions
Cloud technology automatically calculates employee wages based on pay rate and hours worked in the pay period.

Onboard a new employee quickly

The best customer service starts with the right tools. With the mobile app, your team has access to their daily tasks, product information, pricing, and appointment schedules.

Quickly view schedules

No more waiting for a response to an email or trying to track down someone's phone number. With our mobile app or browser, you can see who is working when and make changes on the go

Simple accounting, checking attendance and calculating payroll

Save time and reduce the manual logging of timesheets and weekly or bi-monthly payroll reports. Minimize the admin time required to run your single or multi-branch store.
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