Point of Sales
Sell with a click, any time, anywhere. Easy.
Simple, yet powerful features.
Complete POS
With built-in inventory and CRM to improve and automate processes
Sync with inventory
Tracking the stock levels of products is difficult, especially if there are multiple components. Link your sales, products, and inventory and receive alerts when levels run low.
QR Scanner
Make checkout even smoother. The QR scanner does all the work for you instead of searching through a large product list.

User-friendly design

Quick keys and product lookup create a fast and easy checkout process with customizable payment methods to help you get paid quickly and securely.

Get accurate real-time data

With our all-in-one application, tracking data from the POS is automatically done for you, so you can focus on more impactful tasks like helping customers, merchandising your sales floor, or designing new menu items
Rent & Utilities

Efficiency that is easy to scale

More than a tool to process payments, the cloud-based Point of Sale is the hub that connects the all-in-one system across all of your physical locations when you are ready to expand.
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