Product and Inventory Management
Know exactly what you’ve got and when you need to restock in real-time.
Never miss filling an order.
Cloud-based and mobile
Less paper, less hassle. Easily email digital receipts to customers upon check out.
Barcoding and tagging
Tracking the stock levels of products is difficult, especially if there are multiple components. Link your sales, products and inventory and receive alerts when levels run low.
Sync online and offline channels
Make checkout even smoother. The QR scanner does all the work for you instead of searching through a large product list.

Helps you track stock levels

Cloud-based, always up to date, and accessible from any device, Wemu is designed to help you manage your stock quickly and easily. Plus, with automated backup and e-commerce modules, you can start selling your products online in no time at all.

Smart integration

Sell something in-store, online, or off-site, and Wemu automatically removes it from available inventory. Easy to set up and allow unlimited items to sync across your devices.

Optimize your profitability

Reduce wastage and pilferage using the stock management tools to analyze your waste, turns, and idle inventory for every single outlet
Join thousands of companies that trust Wemu to run their day to day operations.
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