Task and Booking Management
Set and coordinate bookings with clients digitally — from your laptop or mobile devices
A professional and convenient way to communicate with and book clients.
Simple Scheduling
Keep track of all your appointments in one place
Built-in messenger
Communicate with clients easier before they come in for their appointment.
Team Collaboration
Assign team members to share tasks and receive updates directly on their mobile devices with shared access to Wemu

Made as simple and efficient as possible

Keep track of all your appointments in one place, and your clients will appreciate being able to communicate with you easily before their appointment.

Go from being unorganized to being synchronized

Managers can assign daily, weekly or monthly tasks to their team members at any location from a single device.

Enjoy the peace of mind

Know exactly when and what your opening or closing staff are doing. Manage, assign activities and monitor the completion of every task
Join thousands of companies that trust Wemu to run their day to day operations.
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