• March 8, 2022
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  • If you're looking for the best barbershop in town, look no further than TUF Barbershop. From their unique cutting techniques to their warm and welcoming atmosphere, TUF is the perfect place for your next haircut.

    In today's post, we'll be introducing you to Stuart Wayne Violanda, CEO of TUF Barbershop.

    Read on to learn more about him and why his barbershop business is the best in town!

    Meet Stuart Wayne Violanda, also known as Stu, CEO of TUF Barbershop.

    Introducing TUF Barbershop

    Do you know how this barbershop came to be? We're going to take a look at the story behind TUF and find out how it became one of the most popular haircut destinations around Cebu.

    TUF stands for " The Urban Fade". It is a modern style of haircut for men and is the primary service of TUF Barbershop.

    CEO Stuart Wayne " Stu" Violanda had no idea that TUF Barbershop would grow into a thriving business. Today, it has around 120 employees and various locations in the heart of the city of Cebu.

    TUF Barbershop was born out of a need for quality barber service and an appreciation for the fade technique.

    TUF Barbershop's minimalist brand logo is direct to the point like it's signature service.

    Furthermore, pure shops started popping up around Manila. Pure shops mean they offer only a specific type of service and nothing else.

    His personal passion for good grooming and being neat and presentable led him to open a barbershop that caters exclusively towards men who want their hair cut just right. Knowing that he had extra savings and thinking that it wouldn't earn much in the bank, he thought of putting his money to better use.

    From their name to their logo, TUF Barbershop's brand concept is very straightforward. The modern contemporary interior design for their branches is aligned with their minimalist brand persona - centralizing on brand colors such as red, white and black.

    You may visit them at the following branches: A.S. FORTUNA, Ayala Center Cebu, Ayala Malls Central Bloc, Bacolod, Bohol, Bonifacio District, Capitol Square, Iloilo City, IT Park, Mactan, Parkmall, Ramos, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Siargao, SM Seaside, Talamban and Zamboanga City.

    The Urban Fade

    TUF Barbershop is committed to provide Cebuanos with the best quality cuts partnered with great customer service. 

    Its services include haircuts, hair treatments, shave and a simple chair massage. Also, the products they use include oil-based/water-based pomades, in-house brand of men's moisturizer and shampoo.

    Stu chose to partner with Wemu because of its simple yet concise system, professionalism and great after sales service.

    Stu has been working as a barber shop owner for the last few years.

    In this position, he is responsible for not only running the operations of his mother company but also negotiating with interested franchisees and upholding TUF standards across all branches. He is an industry leader in the sense that he sets the standard for other business aspirants to look up to and emulate.

    In the future, he hopes to scale the business by having at least 25 branches all over the Philippines, particularly within Manila and Luzon. Without a doubt, he can make it happen because he has God on his side, apart from the camaraderie he has with his co-owners, franchisees, barbers, and staff.

    Teaming Up with Wemu

    TUF Barbershop has been recognized by SunStar Cebu as a Grandslam Winner for being the Best Barbershop in 2020 - the highest distinction the newspaper has given to a business.

    As a small to medium business owner, it can be tough to find the right partner. You want someone who is reliable, has a good reputation, and shares your values.

    At TUF Barbershop, they are always looking for ways to better serve our clients. That's why they are excited to announce their partnership with Wemu - an online management tool for business owners.

    In addition, Wemu is also dedicated to giving the best customer service, aligned with TUF's own commitment to their clients.

    Stu's favorite Wemu feature is the Online Reservations tool, it allows him to focus on what matters most - creating an unforgettable experience for each and every customer. Customers are always on-the-go and with the ability to make online reservations, they can save time in getting their reservation processed.

    Together, they will be able to continue providing top-quality services to help keep you looking sharp.

    If you're in need of a fresh cut, make sure to check out TUF Barbershop on Facebook and Instagram.

    For online reservations, you may find them on the Wemu Marketplace.

    Need a partner to help scale your business quickly and easily? Check out Wemu.

    Download the app and begin your free trial today.

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