• December 6, 2021
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  • There's nothing quite like biting into a dish that brings back memories of your hometown. Whether it's a homemade recipe or a local dish, these meals are always the most delicious. Experience your favorite hometown dishes with Au's Hometown Favorites. Let your senses transport you to different places and remind you of your roots.

    So whether you're homesick or just want to try something new, be sure to read more on this article.

    Meaning Behind the Name

    The logo depicts the waves which Baler, Aurora is famous for.

    Au's name comes from Aurora Province, a place known for its tourist destinations. The original brands originated from Baler and Maria Aurora. Baler is popular for being the birthplace of Philippine surfing and is the home for the oldest and largest surfing community in the Philippines. This is why brand's logo was designed with curves - heavily influenced by the waves which surfers ride on.

    All Your Favorites in One Brand

    Presenting Au's Hometown Favorites, the brand for all your favorite food and beverage delicacies.

    Pacita's of Baler and Pepot's Witwitiw of Maria Aurora are two brands that Au's Hometown Favorites initially offered. These are highly sought after brands which have already been around for a long time in Baler. They need no introduction in the towns of Baler and Maria Aurora which is why they are the first to be sold.

    Au's Hometown Favorites started with those brands and eventually added other items. The goal is to add more products coming from different provinces in the Philippines and sell them nationwide. The only difference is, there is already an existing demand for these products. They just needed a wider reach to cater to a bigger market.

    Check out their best-selling products here.

    Supporting Our Kababayans

    Because of the pandemic, the tourism-dependent province of Aurora has suffered in terms of economic loss. Tourists can no longer enter due to the lockdowns, depriving small business owners of their regular income source. Driven by love for food, Au's Hometown Favorites made it a mission to help these products reach a wider market. The brand aims to give other businesses a much bigger platform to market and promote their products so people can gain access to them. Au's Hometown Favorites believes that these brands needed a boost during these difficult and unprecedented times. It has taken on the role of a marketing arm because it believes that these locally made products are deserving of a bigger market.

    Shared Vision: An All-in-One Platform

    Wemu shares Au's Hometown Favorites' vision in putting small businesses first. With the help of Wemu, Au's Hometown Favorites helps support small businesses by extending their reach online. Working hand in hand, they can cater to the rising demand of locally made products all over the Philippines. Not only does this give local business owners an opportunity to sustain their business, this also allows them to increase their profits.

    If you wish to order from Au's Hometown Favorites, you can contact them on Facebook and Instagram.

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