• November 8, 2021
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  • WAP by Aleros PH started when Radi pursued his passion for culinary arts.

    Starting a business can seem like an overwhelming task. Especially if you have never done it before. But what if you were told that it is not as difficult as you think? Consider Radi, a spicy lover who has turned his passion for hot sauce into WAP by Aleros PH.

    This week’s Wemu spotlight features Radigundo “Radi” Custorio, owner of the award-winning hot sauce brand, WAP by Aleros PH. We discussed how he turned his passion for cooking latin food and concocting hot sauces into a successful business.

    Imaginative Beginnings

    Radi has always been interested in the culinary arts. Despite having a degree in business, his interest in cooking magnified when he took culinary as an elective in college. The business concept was developed in the middle of the pandemic. Radi's favorite hot sauce supply, which is only available back in his hometown in Honduras, had run out. It was difficult for him to order overseas. So he started replicating the same hot sauce using different fruit varieties until he came up with three delicious flavors. This is how Aleros PH started - from experimenting with flavors because of missing food back home, to the idea of bringing people together.

    He started experimenting with flavors with his hot sauce had ran out.

    Radi wanted to display Central American cuisine to the Filipino market who have yet to try its delicacy. So he opted for a dish where he can explore distinct flavors - like hot sauce. Most hot sauce brands are either too salty or too strong in terms of spiciness and at times lacked flavor. But Radi discovered that fruit is an excellent vehicle for mixing up heat & sweetness without overwhelming your taste buds.

    Filipinos have yet to discover the entirety of what Central American cuisine can offer.

    Aleros PH

    WAP is a hot sauce brand that offers an exciting and flavorful taste that will surely whet your appetite. The products are only made with locally sourced ingredients like chili peppers for heat and flavor. Also, it supports local Filipino farmers by procuring ingredients from them. Aleros PH is committed to deliver the best tasting food while uplifting and benefitting your own community.

    His entry for the Halloween themed event: a pumpkin-flavored hot sauce.

    Supporting Local

    Radi is a Filipino home cook from Manila who loves to share his passion for food with his fellow men. Promoting the use of local ingredients to showcase the Philippines' wide variety of spices. He purchases fresh produce at the wet market and sources chili peppers from Mindanao local farmers.

    He loves to test the limits of his hot sauce flavors by entering into local competitions and events.

    Radi sees food as an opportunity to bridge the gap between communities and to introduce different cultures. He researches and develops his hot sauce products with the use of rare ingredients. For that reason, he has received recognition from the Philippine Hot Sauce Club. It just goes to show his love for the local Filipino community by investing in its people and its resources.

    More photos from the Fiery Cup 2021 event featuring WAP by Aleros PH.

    Creating a Signature Dish

    Filipinos are always up for a challenge. They are constantly pushing the limits of what spicy food can do. This has been apparent with their growing interest in spicing up their meals. Radi has seen this rising trend when it comes to Filipinos’ inclination for spicy food. He predicts that the hot sauce market will want to keep elevating everyday meals with something extra flavorful. For this reason, he wants to expand the exposure of his business by partnering with major local retailers. He envisions Aleros PH to reach the same level of popularity hot sauce brands like sriracha and tabasco have. He wants Aleros PH to be a staple in every Filipino household.

    Food for Thought

    Radi with his signature hot sauce at the recently concluded Fiery Cup 2021 event.

    To quote Radi, " If your food doesn't taste good, people won't come back."

    Radi attributes Aleros PH’s success with pleasing its market's palate with the use of high-quality ingredients. By offering unique flavors to fill their hunger, customers will come back for more - establishing their loyalty to the brand.

    For aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, his piece of advice is to, “start small and be passionate”. He also suggests accepting help from a company that can help you navigate the digital space through innovation. He receives such help from Wemu.

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    For hot sauce orders, visit Aleros PH on Facebook and Instagram.

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