• February 8, 2022
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  • Atttention small business owners! With Wemu, you can now easily create a system that works for your bakeshop business. Take Creme Vanille for example, a pastry shop that serves freshly baked cream puffs with quality ingredients.

    Creme Vanille is a pastry shop that uses the Wemu platform.

    In this article, Creme Vanille's owner, Sheilani Dagdagan, shares how their pastry shop uses a management software like Wemu for small to medium business owners to convert their online media presence into a profitable business. Continue reading to learn more.

    Breaking Free from 9 to 5

    Creme Vanille's official business logo

    Creme Vanille's owner, Shei, resigned from work when the pandemic started. It wasn't in the plan to start a business. At that time she knew nothing, she didn't even have an oven. And yet, together with her siblings, they launched their pastry business online selling cream puffs.

    There are not a lot of cream puff stores which is why Creme Vanille wanted to focus on this rarely sold product.

    Why cream puffs? Shei has developed a fixation for cream puffs that are usually sold at expensive prices due to her positive childhood memories with these sweet treats. Given the lack of competition in the market, she figured that by selling a product she loves to eat herself, they will be able to set themselves apart from other pastry shops. With her and her siblings' funds combined, she started Creme Vanille, researched on different recipes, invested in an oven, and mastered the process of baking cream puffs.

    Wake Up Doing What You Love

    Creme Vanille's cream puffs are available in different flavors.

    Creme Vanille's mission is to share food that makes people happy. Even if it's a little bit pricey, people will still buy and contiue to do so. Food is essential, even dessert, that is why even with the changes in the government and in the pandemic situation, there will always be a market of people with a sweet tooth for baked pastries.

    For personal reasons, Shei enjoys the freedom with having your own business. Having the freedom to wake up in the morning to do something that you love and not because you are forced to work is a blessing. Not having to worry about losing your income because you have your own source is another privilege that comes with being an entrepreneur.

    Running A Business With Family

    Apart from having three helpers, Creme Vanille is a family run business consisting of five people. Her siblings have a say in the flavors and help her with the marketing, but Shei mostly does production, inventory, restocking, and customer service. She admits that there is still so much that needs to be done, but the business has come a long way from where it started.

    What makes Creme Vanille a successful pastry shop is that it is creating products outside of the norm. Having worked in several fields for a decade, Shei decided to sticking to cream puffs, perfecting it and making it valuable. She wants to focus on one product - cream puffs - which are bigger than the usual and available in different flavors apart from the classics. That is why it is no surprise that they have repeat customers who are loyal to the brand and recommend it to other people because they remember the quality of the product.

    Partnering with Wemu

    Shei first thought that Wemu was about concessionaires. Despite being unaware of what Wemu can do, she took a risk and subscribed to Wemu. Prior to Wemu, they use Google forms for their business. According to her, having a system like Wemu really helps. She loves how it has everything she needs to run a small business.

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