• February 10, 2022
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  • It seems like every day there's a new piece of technology that is designed to make our lives easier. And it's no different in the business world - with tools and platforms constantly emerging that are aimed at helping small to medium businesses succeed.

    So it's always exciting to see businesses at the forefront of tech innovation, leading the way in terms of adoption and implementation. One such company is H-Audio Technologies, an audio technology company owned and founded by Marcelle John Marcelino, and in collaboration with Wemu.

    Marcelle John Marcelino, more commonly known as H, is a former dj and has been in the radio broadcasting agency for two decades.

    H-Audio: A Fundraiser Idea

    H-Audio Technologies official business logo.

    When it comes to audio technology, H-Audio Technologies is all about the sound. The company's CEO and founder, Marcelle John Marcelino (a.k.a. H), is from Houston hence the moniker. This business is a result of his passion for helping others. H-Audio commits to providing high-quality audio devices while making a positive impact across organizations targeting the youth and animal welfare.

    H's friend from China suggested selling bluetooth headsets to raise funds for charity work. He decided to try them but didn't like how they sounded. So he flew out to China and visited some manufacturers in order develop the sound of these products. Later on, it became an amazing business idea. Big brands started reaching out to H and asking him improve their headphones.

    H-Audio is a company that designs and manufactures products for audio. Everything from headphones, bluetooth speakers, drivers, all the way to the sound that you want - H-Audio has got your back! Their products and services are tailored to the B2B market.

    Thanks to H's background as a radio and broadcasting professional, it opened doors for his newly founded business - wide enough that clients would come knocking!

    H-Audio: Changing The Way People Listen

    Growing up in a business atmosphere, H always wanted to be a businessman - thanks to his mother who served as an inspiration for following her dream of having her own beauty salon. He knew that he is meant to be a business owner because he never found passion working for somebody else.

    Quoting him, "If you don't follow your dream, you're gonna end up working for somebody so that you can build their dream."

    H right next to H-Audio Technologies' quality headphones.

    As a business owner, H's major responsibility is making sure that everyone involved with the company from partnerships to bringing in clients are growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially. This is what motivates him to become a better businessman - to help uplift the lives of every person he meets. Even if people leave, he hopes to leave them inspired to start up and fund their own business.

    Come and visit H-Audio at Urban Gadgets, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, in Bonifacio Global City.

    He hopes to expand H-Audio in the future despite the pandemic, forcing audio technology companies to close down their stores. H-Audio has made its way across several countries such as Brazil, USA, New Zealand, and soon Paris.

    Latest Collaboration With Wemu

    H used to juggle different apps like Trello, Canva and more in order to make invoices. He would often have trouble switching from one platform to another because there were always things left out or missing.

    But now with Wemu it's easy! All the information he needs is right on the Wemu platform. Wemu has been a true game-changer for H. He can now keep track of sales, invoicing and customer database in an all-in-one app.

    Wemu makes it a mission for business owners to benefit from technology through its software. Similar to H-Audio's mission to improve audio through technology,

    Find out more about H-Audio's latest technology on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

    Looking to centralize all the aspects of your business in a single platform? Try out Wemu.

    Download the app and begin your free trial today.

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