• February 16, 2022
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  • If you're a small to medium business owner, then you know that standing out is no easy task. With so many businesses competing for attention, it can be tough to get your name out there. But don't worry – we've got the perfect solution for you!

    Check out Woojii Chicken Novaliches – a business franchise that's shaking up the food industry with its unique approach. Not only will Woojii Chicken Novaliches and Wemu help make your business stand out from the competition, but they will also help you boost your profits!

    So what are you waiting for? Read the rest of the article to learn more!

    Meet Lhara Naval, Woojii Chicken Novaliches' owner and founder.

    Tastiest Korean Chicken in the Metro East

    There's a Korean chicken joint in town and it's quickly gaining reputation as the best in the Metro East. Woojii Chicken Novaliches offers delicious, made-to-order chicken dishes that are cooked to perfection and will surely satisfy your cravings. It's definitely one of the best places to enjoy a quick meal or a night out with friends or family. If you're looking for an authentic Korean chicken experience, be sure to check out Woojii Chicken Novaliches!

    Woojji Chicken Novaliches is known as the home for the tastiest Korean Chicken in the Metro East.

    When owner Lhara tasted Woojii Chicken, she became confident that there is a market for the product in their area. Given the Kpop trend nowadays, she was excited by its potential as a franchise. Thanks to its unique flavor, Woojii can help her business set itself apart from the competition. This unique business concept is the key component of her marketing strategy.

    Craving for some Korean fried chicken? You can order from Woojii Chicken Novaliches at the Wemu Marketplace.

    Woojii Chicken Novaliches: One-Woman Team

    There's a new player in the Novaliches food scene, and she's definitely one to watch. Woojii Chicken Novaliches is a small business owned and operated by Lhara Naval. The brand also serves Korean food staples such as kimbap, nuggets, tacos and more.

    Managing a food business after just giving birth to twins is no easy feat, but Lhara makes the impossible possible. For her, it was an answered prayer to own a business that can provide a better future for her children. She feels very fortunate to call something her own and to provide work opportunities for the people in her community.

    As a mother and a businessowner, Lhara does it all - manage all the aspects of her business while raising her twins.

    Having worked as a manager in the food industry, she is able to capitalize on all her knowledge and experience to manage her business. She started as a one-woman team - taking orders, manning the restaurant, cooking the dishes, and accepting payments. As a mother, she only has limited time so she delegates some of the work. From doing everything all on her own, she now has a team consisting of four employees.

    Standing Out with Wemu

    Opening up the business was also a good way for her to utilize their place and generate income for her family. It is strategically located at King Alexander Street and King Christian Street, Novaliches, Quezon City, right next to a car wash. Apart from location, another advantage it has is having a convenient and affordable business management tool like Wemu.

    Woojii Chicken Novaliches is a proud Wemu partner.

    " Be a continuous learner. Learn the pulse of your market." These are her words of wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs and/or starting business owners. She also recommends using Wemu to help collect data which you can use to know your audience better.

    Her favorite feature is the Point-of-Sale (POS) system for it is easy to use and helps manage the inventory so she can focus on what she does best. As a business owner, she can just look at a glance and know all the aspects of her business.

    Woojii Chicken Novaliches is a proud partner of Wemu. With Woojii Chicken Novaliches' partnership with Wemu, they are able to manage their inventory and provide excellent service to their customers.

    If you're looking for an edge in the competitive food industry, consider partnering with Wemu. Download the Wemu app and subscribe to the free trial plan now!

    Craving for Korean Fried Chicken? Order from Woojii Chicken Novaliches today! Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.

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