• November 10, 2021
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  • Taking over the business world: Cassandra is a CEO in her own right as she balances modelling and entrepreneurship.

    Supermodels have been taking on the modeling world by storm. Meanwhile, there are those that make their way into the business world. This article is about Cassandra of Gureisu Okawari, who has proven that she can compete with top-tier supermodels by being just as successful. She is proof that you can thrive in pursuing both the modeling industry and the business world.

    Wemu Spotlight presents Cassandra Laforteza, CEO of Gureisu Okawari, who is making waves in the F&B industry over the course of the pandemic. Get a behind-the-scenes access of what it's like to live and work as a supermodel and entrepreneur.

    Family Legacy

    The story begins with the brother of Cassandra's maternal grandmother, Head Chef Elmer Garganta, who has made a name for himself abroad after having worked there for 30 years. He is the brains behind Gureisu Okawari, a Japanese food concept, which was first established in the Philippines by Cassandra's mother, along with her siblings. Unfortunately, what was once a food stall situated at a food park in Marikina City eventually closed down due to the decline of the food park trend.

    The brand eventually became a family business for the Lafortezas. They were determined to bring it back and create a legacy in honor of their late father. They found an opportunity to re-enter the Philippine market when the pandemic struck. The timing was perfect because there was lesser competition yet greater demand for authentic Japanese cuisine. Gureisu Okawari 2.0 is a way for Cassandra and her siblings to build a legacy and pay tribute to their late father. Lastly, they also want to show off their grandfather, Chef Elmer, and his talents and skills in the culinary arts.

    Gureisu Okawari's Head Chef Elmer has been an executive chef in Japanese restaurants for more than 30 years abroad.

    Gureisu Okawari

    How does one say in Japanese, "grace us with more food"? You simply say, "Gureisu Okawari".

    Gureisu Okawari is used to express gratitude after receiving an ample amount of delicious, mouthwatering meals. The phrase connotes a person requesting for more food and is thankful after having received it. The brand name represents how tasty the dishes are and enjoyable the experience is for the customer.

    Gureisu Okawari offers a variety of traditional dishes such as donburi, tempura, sushi, sashimi and maki. They provide authentic Japanese cuisine available for dine in or takeout through delivery service. Their physical location is at The Pop Up, Katipunan - making them accessible for villages, schools, and universities within the area.

    From Supermodel to Business Owner

    Cassandra is a powerhouse of intelligence, beauty and talent. She recently represented the Philippines in Supermodel Me Revolution, Asia's toughest modeling reality competition. She is not your typical pretty face, there's more to her than meets the eye. Being a finance graduate and a breadwinner for her family, she has accomplished so much at such a young age.

    Despite her hectic schedule, she still manages to market Gureisu Okawari and oversee the daily operations of her business. Her secret? Having a strong faith and belief in herself instilled by her parents. With Wemu as her go-to business management platform, she gets the best of both worlds. She balances managing her restaurant while doing modeling jobs on the side.

    As for her favorite feature, it is the expenses section. Being a finance graduate, she knows the importance of tracking every single business transaction - getting an overview of everything all in one place!

    Cassandra is dead set on making Gureisu Okawari one of the biggest Japanese restaurant chains here in the Philippines. 

    The (Business) World is Her Runway

    As a Wemu ambassador and a leader of the entrevolution, Cassandra wants to empower people - to believe in themselves and their business ideas. Also, she aims to be an inspiration by encouraging them to bring out their power from within and to take advantage of opportunities.

    Cassandra believes that challenges are a part of a person's growth. That is why it is important to be surrounded by like-minded people. Wemu supports entrepreneurs like Cassandra who want to stay inspired and encouraged despite the challenges that the pandemic brought. Together with Wemu, she can dominate both the business and the modeling world.

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