• January 17, 2022
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  • If you are up all night, working on your business, then you need Night Owl Coffee. This coffee shop teamed up with Wemu to create a brand of coffee that can reach out to all night owls and help them stay focused and productive. Starting from scratch can be difficult, but with the right tools and attitude, anything is possible. Keep reading to learn more about our collaboration and how you can achieve success too!

    Night Owl Coffee: A Perfect Blend

    Night Owl Coffee's owner, Shiara Mae Santos, has a fascination for owls and this reflects the aesthetic of their coffee shop - cute and adorable. Since owls have nocturnal habits like many people who stay up all night do, it only makes sense that this is the name for the business. If you're looking for an early morning or a late night caffeine fix, this is the coffee for you.

    Night Owl Coffee Logo is inspired by an owl's nocturnal nature.

    Night Owl Coffee started with the Shiara's love for coffee. It has always been her childhood dream to have her own coffee shop. She loves coffee so much she has always wanted to have her own coffee business ever since she was 18 years old. She also used to work as a barista in Seattle’s Best Coffee. After having bought an espresso machine for personal use, she decided to start her coffee shop business March of last year, during the pandemic.

    Behind the scenes, Night Owl Coffee is a small business run by her and her brother. She tried selling first to her subdivision and later on catered to deliveries in cities like Metro Manila, Antipolo, Marikina, Cavite, Laguna and her hometown, Olongapo.

    Night Owl Coffee is also available for deliveries within the Metro.

    Signature Products

    Night Owl Coffee has the best-selling coffee and milk flavors in town. Their main products are coffee, milk and waffles. They offer a wide range of flavors in their signature egg bottles, with crowd favorites such as Salted Caramel Latte and Strawberry Oreo Latte. The egg bottles are reusable and unique in their own way, which is why customers keep coming back for more. They made an extra large version of their premium coffee available because customers keep requesting for a liter! They just can't get enough of Night Owl Coffee.

    Their signature egg bottles contains their best-selling coffee and/or milk flavors.

    Ever since Shiara got a wafflemaker, they started including Nutella waffles on the menu. This instantly became a hit and adds up to their list of bestsellers. Who doesn't love bite-sized waffles in assorted shapes and designs like smiley faces and sea shells with nutella filling?

    Nuttle waffles - another bestseller from Night Owl Coffee.

    Last but not the least, they also serve breakfast meals like bacon and pancakes. What makes them better is that you can pair it up with Night Owl Coffee's signature flavored drinks! In the future, the owner would love to expand their food selection to more light meals like pastries and breakfast dishes because they just go well with coffee.

    Night Owl Coffee also serves breakfast meals such as bacon and pancakes to go with your flavored coffee/milk.

    A Day in the Life

    Apart from Night Owl Coffee, Shiara also works as an SEO content writer. A day in her life consists of waking up early to show up for her day job and monitor her coffee business in between composing songs, creating song covers and posting mental health awareness videos on Tiktok.

    Given the nature of her day job being home-based, she has extra time to manage her coffee business and focus on it at the same time. She sees Night Owl Coffee as an investment. Being the owner, she is responsible for everything related to the business - tracking income and inventory, reaching out to different suppliers, doing marketing and promotional advertisement, coming up with strategies and preparing the coffee. Her personal take when it comes to marketing the brand is getting in touch with drag queens and sending them products because she is an avid fan of drag.

    Shiara gets to express her creativity through the Night Owl Coffee brand.

    Being Her Own Boss with Night Owl Coffee

    At a young age of 24, Shiara made it a goal that when she reaches 25 years old, she should at least own one startup business. With what’s happening with the world and given the pandemic, it made a lot of people jobless. Thus, it is hard to always assume that there will be jobs available. She started her business because never really wanted to be an employee forever - she wants to have the freedom to manage her time, do whatever she wants and achieve her dreams without any limitation from a boss by being her own boss.

    Night Owl Coffee is the first of the many businesses its owner plans of starting.

    Shiara is self-sufficient and mature for her age. She owes this to her past experiences that helped shape her to become the person she is now. She is thankful for everything that has happened to her, both good and bad, as it made her independent and hardworking to make her dreams come true.

    When it comes to the future of her business, she believes that the food and beverage industry will continue to evolve. Food is a necessity so the F&B industry will always find a way to survive and grow. Meanwhile, coffee has been here for generations. She hopes to branch out and have physical stores from Luzon to Mindanao and maybe even abroad in the years to come. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or starting small to medium business owners is to go for your dreams! She says you will never know the results unless you take risks.

    Night Owl Coffee in partnership with Wemu

    Shiara chose to partner with Wemu because team is nice and accommodating. Her favorite feature is the dashboard as it tracks everything that happens in the business. She used to do things manually, from Google sheets, excel sheets, etc. But because of Wemu, she now has visibility of all aspects of her business. She wishes to further nurture this partnership with Wemu in the years to come.

    Get your daily coffee fix from Night Owl Coffee. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

    Looking for ways to oversee all aspects of your business? Check out Wemu's dashboard. Don't forget to subscribe to Wemu today!

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