• November 22, 2021
  • 4 min read
  • Tap to Connect PH aims to support technological advancement in the Philippines.

    Every business is in the game of making a lasting impact. Whether that impact is to sell a product, provide a service, or both, every business has one goal in mind - to create value for customers. In this Wemu Spotlight, we feature James Jester Chan, Founder & CEO of On the Spot Inc. and Tap To Connect PH.

    Discover why Jester chooses to invest in tech and how technological advancement is an integral part towards nation-building. If this interests you, continue reading this article.

    The Need for Technological Advancement

    Cutting-edge technology helps people live better lives.

    Technology has been a major force in ways both big and small. But one country that is still very much behind when it comes to embracing innovative concepts is the Philippines. Jester feels strongly about this topic since he wants Filipinos to have access to cutting-edge technology - to be able to live better lives which will lead them down successful paths.

    It is evident that innovation will be at the forefront of Jester's vision for his business. He knows how far behind our country has been in terms of technology. He understands that entrepreneurship is not just for the betterment of one's country - it is also essential to economic stability and progression.

    From Health Care Provider to Business Owner

    Jester's realized he is passionate about entrepreneurship.

    While in college, Jester was affiliated with a network marketing and distribution company. After graduating from nursing school, he was not sure if he wanted to become a nurse or a doctor. Jester realized that he wants to pursue entrepreneurship after reading books about visionaries like Henry Ford and Jack Ma. The long-term benefits of owning a business won him over.

    Being the CEO of his own startup, he is responsible for everything - research, product development and marketing. Having your own startup is like taking care of a newborn - you wake up early and stay up late if need be. Being present for your business 24/7 is the only way to ensure its success.

    Jester believes that his determination and habit of simplifying things has made him successful. He aspires to grow TapToConnect PH with no limitations, so it can be a household name.

    Tap To Connect PH

    Introducing the world’s smartest business card, the TapToConnect Card (TTC). With just one tap, you can network with another person and instantly share all of your information in seconds!

    This brand new technology is highly efficient and cost-effective. There is no longer a need for bulky cards that do not last. With the TTC Card, everything goes digital straight away when scanned. It makes everything easier and simpler when making new connections. Who knows, the next person you meet might be a valuable customer later down the line.

    Tap To Connect Impacting How You Do Business

    The TapToConnect card is timely and relevant as it advocates for smart networking while making your safety and the safety of others a priority. Sending out your contact information within a distance of 1 centimeter is the new handshake in the digital world of contactless networking. Building connections can now be smooth-sailing and less frightening during the course of a pandemic.

    By a single tap / QR scan of your TTC card on your smartphone or that of your recipient, your professional profile is immediately pulled up, and saved on a smartphone. You are also provided with a unique link and a QR Code to make your information accessible on multiple platforms.

    Start connecting with other professionals by getting your own TapToConnect business card. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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